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eBibleAt Legal Copying London, we are able to transform your paper based legal information and documentation such as various documents resulting from a financial transaction, property deal, or the conclusion of a lengthy case into organized structure of electronic files, called eBible. In essence, an eBible CD/DVD consists of an index electronically linked to corresponding documents, allowing users to instantly retrieve and view a particular document.

eBibles can offer superior search facilities, through both keyword and free text, enabling the user to search and identify key text within hundreds of pages – all at the click of a mouse. eBibles are a simple cost effective solution for clients looking to simplify the task of identifying key information in mass documentation. They are invaluable means of simplifying the management and portability of documentation by enabling you to store and transport your document on a single CD, upload to collaboration sites for remote access, or host on your server for access by all your colleagues.
As well as eBibles we can produce e-Statements, which are very similar in concept to eBibles, however, the layout is exclusively designed to assist lawyers with the management of witness statements leading up to and during trials.

How we create eBibles:

At Legal Copying London we regularly produce eBibles for our clients. We first scan documents according to the client specification, convert scanned documents to PDF, and then create hyperlinks as appropriate. As part of our comprehensive service, Legal Copying London has in-house CD production facilities, we can print CD covers and labels in colour or black and white and can assist clients with design aspects, as needed.

Why use eBible?

The service delivers enhanced business efficiency and continuity to our clients as well as substantial operational savings on reduced reprographics, document storage and desktop publishing costs. Critically, it complies with authentication issues addressed in the BSI Code of Practice (BIP 0009:2004) ‘Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of Information Stored Electronically’.


What Are The Advantages?

  • Advanced search facilities at your finger tips
  • Easy to transport large volumes of documents
  • Easy to access through computer networks or internet
  • Reduced reprographics, document storage and desktop publishing costs
  • Enhanced client reputation through improved service
  • Enables the firm to meet the increasing need to make documentation available more quickly and in digital format
  • Significant reduction of environmental impact since there is no need to copy and recopy of large volumes of documents for distribution

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